Artist watches world go by, appreciates it

By Ani Hovhannissian
Brosse Street Journal
Tuesday, February 21 2012

While street painter Achiko Kutaladze sits on Rustaveli Avenue and paints his next canvas, the political and social changes pass by.

Kutaladze, 40, was an eyewitness to Georgia’s Rose Revolution in November 2003. The revolution changed the appearance and the atmosphere of the street where he has been sitting for more than 20 years.

“I support the idea of revolution but I continue to live as I am. I like painting: I already feel free with that,” he says.

Finishing the next image, Achiko Kutaladze carefully places the painting in the line of his other canvases, which picture the traditional Georgian lifestyle.

“Tourists usually buy those types of paintings and I make them to feed my kids. But I have more than 120 paintings of abstract style at home: I never sell them. Those paintings are for exhibitions,” says Kutaladze.

He has participated in four exhibitions since 1991. The painter believes that one day, government will sponsor art and he will have his personal exhibition at Blue Gallery in Tbilisi.

He enjoys the reality of being a street painter and having an open air exhibition every day.

“I meet a lot of interesting cases during the day. One day, a man from Germany who bought one of my paintings 10 years ago came here again and remembered me. It is so interesting: people are coming and passing and when you stay in a same place for a long time, you can meet them again,” the artist says.

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